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Top Ten Scams :: Part 2

  1. "The Altern 8 video for ’ACTIV 8’ has been plagued by problems and has cost a mighty 80,000" claimed the tabloids. Real cost 2,310.
  2. Mass publicity about the limited edition of "Frequency" being followed by a ritual burning of the master tapes in "Stafford Park" was perhaps McCready’s finest hour. Style magazines battled for an exclusive photo shoot and the Altern 8 fanatics rang the office for details so they could attend. Sorry everybody - we lied. There wasn’t even a multitrack, only a DAT. Mark loved this one.
  3. "Sorry - we couldn’t possibly consider a million dollars for the American rights. Are you mad? Come back with something better and we’ll talk", the Network response to a certain USA record label. Yes we got carried away with it all and scammed ourselves again.
  4. The Vick’s connection. Mark and Chris really do use it underneath their masks to ease breathing problems. This time it was true but nobody listened.
  5. Chris has a parrot that says "Rave on". Not much of a scam but its true.
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