Mask Hysteria

Fact & Fiction

Top Six Truths

  1. Network had no money (Derrick May had wasted loads of it on a recording session) to PROPOG8 pop myths. There was no cash to pay for ads. The answer - free publicity by getting journalists to write about your acts.
  2. Enter John McCready! Installed as Network’s PR man he instantly became the king of the fables.
  3. When introduced to Mark and Chris he looked critically at the chemical warfare protection suits. "Bit normal isn’t it - can’t you be abit more wacky?" he asked. Chris and Mark sighed in relief - they had found there man. Time to HYPERVENTIL8.
  4. None of it would have been possible if Mark and Chris were normal. But with their strange faxes to HQ, Mark’s cartoon capers and their imitation of the Monkees when revving a battered mini up and down Network Boulevard - it was obviously an introduction to the world of cartoon capers.
  5. The rest of the dance world made it easy for us by being so crushingly boring and lacking in image. Wake up boys and girls - a pony tail, a keyboard and a dazed expression just won’t do.
  6. The final piece of the jigsaw came together last summer in New York at the New Music Seminar. Back home and more by mistake than calculated intent. "Infiltrate 202" was hovering just outside the Top 40. It was decided to tip the balance by getting column insches in the tabloids. Realising that The Sun wouldn’t really care about the difference between a 303 and an 808 we decided on another tack. Stories about Disco Buscuits for hungry clubbers and Altern 8 inventing a mini air horn were cobbled together. "they’ll never print them" said John. He was wrong. They did...and they haven’t stopped since. Now, wheres that photo of Princess Diana with Mark and the donkey?
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