Mask Hysteria



"I CAN’T BELEIVE IT’S NOT TECHNO...Speed, bass, noise, breakbeats and two mad bastards in noddy suits...It’s what your bass-bins where made for. For those in need of multiple brain overload dance music that has stopped caring about how load and fast it is, the name to trust is Altern 8: Top Quality Full On Hardcore Since 1990."

"ARE THEY COMPLETLY FICTIONAL OR WHAT? It’s not that simple. Get too close to Altern 8 and you’ll be sucked into a maelstrom where the difference between fact and fiction is neither here nor there. You start to believe any old rubbish. Did they REALLY force me and Neil Rushton to ‘dance’ on top of a ladder onstage at one of their German shows, while Mark ‘MC8’ BUTLER shouted ‘LADDER POSSE!’ at us all night? Maybe they did. Or maybe it was all a feverish dream brought on by excessive bass. And noise."

"THE TRUTH ABOUT ALTERN 8? Depends which you want. They are indeed the light-fingered Gilbert and George of hardcore - multi-purpose totems of techno for whom copyright is just another part of lifes rich and irrelevant tapestry. Somewhere in their brains are two small and frightened creatures called Mark Archer and Chris Peat, who were perfectly alright until they put The Masks on and lost control. They clung to the hope it’ll all stop soon, so they can go back to being Nexus 21. But it won’t."

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Andrew Harrison - Select Magazine

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